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The Three Primary Parenting Styles Essay

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There are three primary parenting styles, the authoritarian, authoritative and the permissive. Some of them have adverse effects that fail to provide the emotional needs of the children.
First of all, the authoritarian parenting style is infused with more punishment than the other two styles. It requires the child to submit to all of the rules and regulations that are provided by their parents. The parents in this type of style refuse to allow the child to make any conscionable decisions, deeming them with an inability to become more dependent. In a sense, the child is not given the ability to have a mind of their own, in which they can express their personal thoughts or opinions. In my opinion, this style does not support the child and lacks the nurturing that a child requires for emotional growth. I believe that we are the product of our interactions and our surrounding. Therefore, we can concede that in an authoritarian household, a child would be more dependent on the parents and not be able to make effective decisions on their own.
When we had our first child, we did not know where to begin, but quickly realized that a permissive and authoritarian parenting style would not work for our family. We wanted to raise our children and teach them that although there were going to be boundaries, we were also going to give them the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions. So we opted for the authoritative parenting style. We considered our child’s point of view and learned be more open to a compromise, which allowed them to express themselves. I believe that it has given them the ability to grow, and learn to make conscionable decisions, instead of thinking about the here and now. Everything we do have consequences, and sometimes, as parents we have to...

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