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Parents Essay

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LOOKING FOR WORK Different countries have different cultures. The language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that are passed from one generation to the next. The narrator comes from Mexico who lives in the United States. The narrator has some special understanding which different with his family during his summer vacation. His family is not very wealthy sot he story happens on the narrator looking for the work to earn the money. How does the narrator find out what difference between his family and the family of his white friends or Mexican? The answer should be in narrator's routine and contacting with his friends.The narrator's life is like ordinary Mexican, but he does not want it at all. Usually, Mexican children's lives are very playful; they always play some interesting things after school or during the vacation. For example, they go to swimming or play at the ditch with some toys, which made by their self. The narrator also feels their life style is different from American. " Our own talk at dinner was loud with belly laughs and marked by our pointing forks at one another. The subjects were commonplace." ( Soto, page 32 ) We could know something here; the narrator does not really like style of his family dinner. " For a weeks I had drunk Kool-Aid and watched morning reruns of Father Knows Best, whose family was so uncomplicated in its routine that I very much waited to imitate it. The first step was to get my brother and sister to wear shoes at dinner." ( Soto, page 32 ) WANG 2 The narrator tries to change their style of dinner but does not success. The narrator may be feel that kind of dinner style let him feel cleaner and politeness. He is trying to learn something from white people and find out their life style is different with white people.The narrator thinks all the white families are very rich and have very comfortable lives. " There were no beatings, no rifts in the family. They wore bright clothes; toys tumbled form their closets. They hopped into bed with kisses and woke to glasses of fresh orange juice." ( Soto, page 36 ) The narrator kind of admires the way that white families treat their children. This is not really live of the white kids; at least, most of my white friends do not that kind of very comfortable childhood. The narrator always compares with their true life. The true fact of white people's life is not really like that what the narrator see in the program on the television; some of white children may have that life style but it is not many now. White people are more politeness than other people are; it is true in my mind but it does not mean everyone of white person is very politeness." May I have the mashed potatoes?" asks Beaver with a smile. " Sure, Beav," replies Wally as he taps the corners of his...

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1250 words - 5 pages and a decrease of self esteem instead of being an instrument of motivation. How many parents show confusion and anxiety when they are faced to an educational task which seems to become more and more difficult and for which they cannot find any solution? The 21 th century is very different from the past centuries.In the past centuries, children were raised by a nanny or sent to a boarding school. In this century, being a parent became a full time

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875 words - 4 pages Parents usually pay for their children’s education in college; but some parents may think that it is not worth it to pay. According to the author of “No: Let’s Make Sure Kids Get the Most From Their Education”, said “the more money parents paid toward their children’s education, the worse their academic performance (Herman). Even so, parents should pay for their children’s education in college, as it would give parents three main wonderful

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