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Parents And Teens Essay

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Communication with parents was one of the first things people have done since when they were born. Communicating and listening to the child is a parent’s duty because it lets the child know they are there for them. Conversations ramble as teens look to their parents for answers. As teenagers, communication with parents will change dramatically, unless the teen is well discipline. Conversations between parents and teens can be good or bad, it all depends on how the conversation is approached and on the attitude of both parents and teens. Some teens have a lot of attitude towards their parents when talking; their emotions kick in when things don’t go their way and arguments starts. Conversations teens have with their parents differ through conversations they have with their friends. But teens mostly turn to their parents when they have big problems. Sometimes the advice parents give their kids aren’t true, but it can help them resolve their problem. Tones in conversations indicate the teen’s attitude, and helps the parents identify how the teenager feels
Arguing is the most common form of communication with parents when things don’t go the way teenagers wants things to. When teens come up with things to do, they mostly have to have their parent’s permission for approval. When a parent says no sometimes it is because they get worry and don’t want their child getting hurt, teenagers doesn’t see possibilities like parents do and get upset and angry. When in an argument a teen will use whatever he/she can come up with to break their parent so they can get this or do that. For example if a teen knew about a secret, he/she would use it against his/her parent, that way the parent will just say yes and can avoid talking about the secret.
Parents need to be more discipline to their children; therefore arguing would be a rare case. Discipline teens respect the answers of their parents as they are just good children or because they know about consequences. Communication between parents and teens are similar because just like their teen, parents too has gone through some of the conversations and arguments with their own parents. For example some teens probably have gotten mad at their parents and ignored what their parents said. It would be no surprise that this has happened to the teen’s parents, as they were once teens. For parents, saying mean things to teen kids are not good ideas, arguing usually is a short-term conversation as later in the week or week’s teens will forget about it. But if a parent bursts and says something so bad and hurtful, teenagers can take it to the heart, as it was one of their parents who said the harsh...

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