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Parents Anonymous Adult Groups Essay

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Parents Anonymous Adult Group is a self-help group created to help strengthen families as to protect children. The group started in 1970 as Mothers Anonymous when Jolly K, a young mother at the time, began to see a social worker specializing in psychiatry named Leonard Lieber. She sought of the help of a professional because she could not find help for the abusive behavior she was exhibiting. It was not until 1972 that the organization became known as Parents Anonymous. (Ryan, "Parents Anonymous records, 1970-1982").
The mission of Parents Anonymous “is a comprehensive family strengthening program based on the principles of mutual support, parent leadership, shared leader, and personal growth and change ("Parents Anonymous").” The group was created in hopes of creating a safe and secure environment for all children and to end the cycle of abuse. The group does not just focus on parents but also the children as they have children and youth group as well.
The purpose of Parents Anonymous is to “offer a caring and supportive environment where parents and caregivers support each other and explore new parenting strategies, address underlying emotion issues, and create long lasting positive changes in their families ("Parents Anonymous").” The organization seeks to bring parents in to help them receive the support and understanding that they need to develop the skills to build a better family and living environment for them and their children.
Parents Anonymous Adult Group is part of the larger Parents Anonymous organization. Part of the whole organization is the Child and Youth Groups which usually coincide with the Adult Group which help the children to deal with possible abuse and to develop better coping skills and behavioral issues. While there are many crisis helplines for families, children and parents, Parents Anonymous also has the only National Parent Helpline. The organization also has training programs that help to group to succeed. Such training programs are national certifications in Parent Leadership, Shared (staff) Leadership, and coaching. The organization also teams up with other separate organizations that can help with better personal and parenting skills such as Alcoholics Anonymous. ("Parents Anonymous").
Membership is two or more people that belong to the same group that are working together toward a common goal and mutual interest. At Parents Anonymous Adult Groups the only qualifications for being able to attend a meeting is “any parent or individual in a parenting/caregiver role seeking support and positive parenting strategies regardless of the age or special challenges of their children ("Parents Anonymous").” There are no meeting fees or memberships due, anyone that feels that they need help with parenting or just need place to talk about their troubles with caregiving are welcome to join. It does not matter on culture, relationship status, level of caregiving or age, everyone who plays a role in the caregiving of a...

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