Parents Influence And Role In Teenagers Prevalence To Underage Drinking And Alcoholism

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Parent’s Influence and Role in Teenagers Prevalence to Underage Drinking and Alcoholism

Alcohol (beverages): beverages which contain ethanol substance, this substance cause a person become drunk (e.g. beer, whiskey). (W. Merriam Corporation, 2011)
Definition of alcoholism
• According to mayo clinic, alcoholism is an inability to control the desire to consume alcoholic beverages. The desire will always lead to serious condition, because the person who drinks alcohol does not know if he/she drinks too much. (Mayoclinic, 2012)
• Additionally, Alcoholic Anonymous UK states that alcoholism is a combination of physical impulse and a mental obsession which lead to enormous craving for alcoholic beverages.
Alcoholic is a person who consume alcohol
Definition of Underage drinking
• Underage drinking is consumption of alcoholic beverages (e.g. beers) done by a person whose age is below 21 years old. (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 2006)
Influence of parents:
• According to Robert J Ackerman: alcoholism will influence the whole family and will also cause massive problems for the family, some of them are:
o Lack of emotional support for the chldren
o Children of alcoholics perceive alcohol as a means of escape problems (children might become alcoholic as well).
o Unhealthy/inconsistent parenting
o Emotional insecurities for the children
o Dissolvement of family (divorce)

• Robert J Ackerman states that there are four phases of family reaction to the existence of alcoholics, they are:
o The reactive phase: in this phase the family members will be very cautious to the alcoholic’s behavior, this phase begins with family denials, coping strategies and social disengagement. It is during this phase that family is passive and can unintentionally support the continuation of alcoholism.
o The active phase: this phase begins when the family members actually become aware of the problem of alcoholism in their family, they also become open about their problems and begin to seek help from others, this phase give rise to their own emotional recovery. This phase begins with awareness and ends with being a normal family despite the alcoholic still drink.
o Alternative phase: this phase will begin when the family consider separation as a viable solution for their problems, but in this phase it should be noted that an alcoholic family could be reorganized and reintergrated even after they were separated. This phase is usually happens after phase 1 (reactive), alternative phase will revolve in (polarization, separation, and family reorganization).
o Family unity phase: family unity phase will have 2 alternatives (“dry drunk” or family growth), although they will experience a period of “sobriety” (which is the time when an alcoholic stops drinking), sobriety does not assure that the family problems has been solved, as there are many trouble entailing alcoholism, the situation of a former drunk family might be the same as before. While quite rare, there...

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