Parents, Teachers, And Others Often Use Some Form Of Punishment With Children. Does It Work? What Would Be The Best Ways To Change A Child’s Behaviour

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This essay will discuss whether it is thought that punishment is effective and whether it is currently thought to work, additionally it will examine the best ways to change a child’s behaviour in terms of positive and negative reinforcements. The issue of child punishment has received considerable critical attention within many cultures. Punishment towards children can be argued to be a very controversial area. It is argued that many people have been brought up with distinctive beliefs about punishments toward a child. A child’s upbringing is argued by many researchers to be key to how they will go on to treat their own children in the future. This can surely be argued to be a negative effect of physical punishment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the effects of what severe punishment may have on a child. Later convictions of violence and the evidence of damaging effects on well-being, corporal punishment has on children is overwhelming. However, it is not ingrained that corporal punishment is definitely damaging. There is also sufficient evidence to corporal punishment being an effective form of discipline, if used appropriately. It is thought that corporal punishment helps parents retain control over their children’s behaviour. This essay will consider the various forms of punishment, such as physical punishments and whether they are considered to work. This is essay will also consider effective ways of changing a child’s behaviour including the use of classical and operant conditioning and studies that support the theories and how they can be applied to real life. Classical conditioning for example uses learning through association, memory prompts the person to associate an object/ sound to a certain behaviour. On the contrary operant conditioning uses positive and negative reinforcements which determines in the future whether the individual will repeat the behaviour depending on the type of reinforcement that they received when the behaviour first took place. If a positive reinforcement was used the behaviour is more likely to be repeated in the future, on the other hand if a negative reinforcement was used, the individual is less likely to perform the behaviour again.

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Forehand, R and Long, N (2010) suggest that Punishment in context includes taking away personal items or a child’s ‘free’ time (including grounding), time-outs and lecturing. A punishment is the way parents approach a certain behaviour to help diminish the re-occurrence.
According to Winstok (2013) Correcting a child’s behaviour can be approached in diverse ways, examples of these would be teaching or explaining to a child that their behaviour is unacceptable. Another example would be the removal of personal benefits or punishing in a psychological or corporal form.
As stated by Arthur (2013) Boundaries and discipline are vital in a child’s upbringing, not routinely acknowledging a child’s behaviour, whether it be good or bad behaviour, can be...

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