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Parents Paid For College Essay

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Parents usually pay for their children’s education in college; but some parents may think that it is not worth it to pay. According to the author of “No: Let’s Make Sure Kids Get the Most From Their Education”, said “the more money parents paid toward their children’s education, the worse their academic performance (Herman). Even so, parents should pay for their children’s education in college, as it would give parents three main wonderful results: parents will feel good when they see their children’s success, children may show appreciation to their parents for helping them so much, and children won’t have any loans after finishing college.
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However, my grandmother once said that earning a diploma or a degree is the best way to express appreciation than buying any substance.
Parents who help their children pay their college education won’t have to be worried about their children’s loans after finishing college. A lot of the children’s parents can have the ability to receive larger monetary benefits than themselves; as the authors of “Yes: Don’t Have Your Children Start Life With Crippling Debt” said, “The current interest rate for the popular federal Stafford loans for college is 3.86% for undergraduates, if your child qualifies. Why not substitute money you might be keeping in a money-market fund earning nothing or in a five-year certificate of deposit earning less than 1%” (Statman)? For instance, the children who ask the bank for help paying for college education receive higher interest rate, so they should ask their parents to ask the bank because their interest rate is lower which means the children and the parents could pay less in extra money before paying back the bank’s money that they borrowed. According to the author of “Yes: Don’t Have Your Children Start Life with Crippling Debt” said, “Better they owe you than owe a bank” (Statman). In some cases, parents will have the money to pay for their children’s college education because the children may think they owe their parents, and owe a bank need to pay interest rate.
In China, there is no question about who pays for the college’s education....

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