Parents Are The Best Teachers Essay

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From our childhood, we meet lots of people who teach us a variety of knowledge about distinct aspects of the real life. This group of people includes our parents, friends, relatives, school teachers, and even anyone who we interact with during a particular period of our lifetime. By taking into account all benefits provided by those people, I strongly support the argument that parents are the best teachers. They are the closest to us, and are willing to sacrifice what they have without expecting any compensation. Also no matter how old we are, they always have valuable experiences to share with us. They teach us to walk, to speak, and to have good manners before we reach "the real world." They with great patience pass down the essential knowledge that we need in order to join "the real world". Children often copy their parents' habits and traits because they are sure that parents do only the right things. Often children's first wish is to be like their mother or father. Children find it easier to share their personal problems with their parents than with anyone else and I came to the conclusion that parents are never wrong, or at least, almost never.For instance, once I was going to have a date with a guy who, as my parents used to say, was a philanderer and my mom told me that I would regret if I went to the meeting, and would suffer later, but I didn't listen to her, and even argued with her before going out. When I went to the place where the party was held, I saw him kissing a girl I've never seen before. I went home all in tears and found it hard to realize that I was wrong, and my parents were right. My mom came in and without of asking anything, she just hugged me and said that everything would be all right.It is suggested that the sense of love and trust makes the baby feel safe when he is with his parents. As the child grows up, this sense does not disappear but gets stronger and stronger. This sense is also very important for the efficiency of teaching, because when the child trusts his parents, for whatever the parents say, the child will obey it. Parents teach less by telling children what they should or should not do, and more by example. A father, who wakes up late, will never be able to teach his children to wake up early. A mother, who lies all the time, cannot expect her children to be honest in their speech. Parents, who are...

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