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Parents With Bipolar Disorder Cause Terrible Effects To Their Children

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Based on primary and secondary information that I have found from this research study, living with a parent who has bipolar disorder can cause terrible effects to the child. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder in which a person suffers from severe mood swings, ranging from severe depression to manic episodes that can persist from days to weeks or longer. A manic episode is an elevated mood with symptoms that include increased energy, excessively high mood, extreme irritability, and racing thoughts. Most patients who have bipolar disorder have coexisting anxiety disorder which include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social phobia, panic disorder, and PTSD. Anxiety disorders include all ...view middle of the document...

Also, this paper is meant to create an awareness of this issue and help others understand ways to help someone who has anxiety and also help someone with bipolar disorder and mange ways to live with them without destroying themselves emotionally in the process. One observation I made during Child Observation Day was the different level of separation anxiety in the few children I watched enter the room. Certain anxiety signs can be detected at a young age and separation anxiety is one of them. Some symptoms of separation anxiety include intense fears about parents or caretakers, being overly clingy, panic when separated from parents, and trouble sleeping. It is normal during early development for children to have extreme anxiety, but it is necessary to pay attention to the extremity and duration of these symptoms. The children who came into the room did not show any extreme signs of separation anxiety; they stuck close to the caregiver for a short period, but once they noticed the toys and other kids in the room, they focused their attention away from the caregiver. Although the caregiver were still close by, children with extreme anxiety would be afraid to leave the parents side. Furthermore, children who live with a bipolar parent and show this anxiety would not leave the parents side because of their lack of trust to the people around them. My younger sister also grew up in the same household with my bipolar father and she had extreme separation anxiety towards my mother because she saw my mother as her protector from my father. It’s normal for children to have anxiety when they are apart from the caregiver, but there are also signs of extremity which my sister showed as a small child and the children during Observation Day did not.
Due to primary and secondary sources I have used, I predict that a child living with a parent or guardian with bipolar disorder correlates to a heightened development of anxiety disorder in the child. In order to determine this, I believe that the Cortisol levels in these children will be much higher.
In this paper I am using myself as the primary evidence while also gathering secondary evidence from research studies that have taken place in regards to my hypothesis. During my childhood and crucial years of development I was succumbed to living with a father of bipolar disorder and now I am able to reflect on the amount of damage it has caused me in terms of my extreme anxiety disorder. This process is the structure of a longitudinal design because it is a study that takes place over a long period of time and reveals individual patterns of change during a person’s development. I also found two research studies by Googling “child anxiety and bipolar parent” and “living with someone who has bipolar disorder,” that involved measuring the Cortisol level in children who have lived with a parent with bipolar disorder and comparing their Cortisol level to a child who grew up with parents who did not...

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