Pareto Based Multi Stage And Multi Objective Planning Of Dg Enhanced Distribution System

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In most real world optimization problems the solution must
to be found considering multiple objectives instead of one.
Whereas these objectives are often in conflict, a trade-off
relation among them arises. I.e., it is necessary to sacrifice the
performance of one or more objectives to enhance the other
ones. Besides, when the decision making process is related, but
not limited, to systems planning, it is possible that several
planning stages should be performed. Thus, optimal procedures
are required for each stage. Moreover, it is possible to realize a
single solving process that considers all necessary variables.
Nevertheless, both alternatives have non-desirable limitations
and assumptions. In the first case, when passing through stages
it is necessary to choose a definite solution, or say a global
optimum, hard task when we talk about multi-objective
optimization. A wrong selection may lead to biased results. In
the second case, considering all possible variables is an
endless task, and when realized, results an extremely
widespread landscape, which may hinder or limit the
exploration over the search space. In the same way, a large
number of function evaluations must to be realized, demanding
a prohibitive amount of computational resources and slowing
down the algorithm. In consequence, we will focus on the
first alternative, proposing an approach to avoid biased
solutions when passing through stages.
To the best of our knowledge, multi-stage optimization
jointly with multi-objective decision making has not been
elucidated in the literature. We introduce a novel approach,
namely Prime-Pareto, to attain efficient solutions of this kind
of problems. Here, we address the complexity when planning
the attendance of energy demands, pursuing appropriate reliability
indices and minimizing investment. Identified stages of
this planning comprehend infrastructure outline and protection
system shaping.
In accordance with the literature, optimal planning of
distribution systems (DS) toward suitable reliability
performance, is a complex problem because its optimization
stages are described by non-linear and non-differentiable
objective functions, as well as combinatorial solutions.
Traditionally, the planning has been treated as a problem of a
single objective function where investments and available
resources are used in a single instant of time [1]–[3]. The
radial feeders are normally provided with alternate routes of
power supply to ensure backup connections that minimize the
impact of permanent faults and to prevent unserved load during
scheduled interruption [4]. In [5] is presented a Pareto multiobjective
optimization to determine the amount and location of
protective devices, minimizing both total costs and reliability
indices such as SAIFI and SAIDI. Authors in [6] and [7]
include Distributed Generation (DG) penetration on a loop
feeder while achieving the optimal placement of reclosers.
They minimize SAIFI and SAIDI applying Evolutionary...

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