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Paris Essay

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Introduction:Paris is the largest city of France and most of us know it is the capital city of France. Paris has a population of 2.2million. The city covers an area of 105km/sq. Paris is located 172km south-east of the English channel. The Seine River is 13km long and flows from east to west through Paris. The Eiffel tower is in the river Gauche. More than 2 million people visit Paris every year, that's almost Paris' whole population.History:Paris isn't an artificial city; it grew, almost like a living thing. During the Roman occupation of France, from about 52BC onwards, the Romans took over. The Romans had decided to call the city of Paris, Lutece. A Celtic tribe established in Paris around 300BC. The Romans then finally left after the Roman empire collapsed in the 5th century. The conquering Franks chose to name Lutece, Paris, and the capital city of France. Paris is still the capital and the largest city of France.Culture:Arts, important styles of painting have developed in Paris. More than two thirds of Frances artists live in Paris. The university of Paris is over 800 years old and is one of the largest universities in the world. Paris is also well known for its luxury products like jewellery, perfumes and clothing. Famous designers of clothing from Paris create fashions from Paris and it is copied all over the worldFamous Attractions:The Eiffel Tower - The massive tower looks really tall, and that's because it is, it stands at an amazing 300m high. It was built in 1889; it was built for an international exhibition held in Paris. The Architect who designed and named the Eiffel tower was named Gustave Eiffel. The tower consists of about 7000 tonnes of iron. Believe it or not but there is a restaurant on the first level of the tower. Nearly every tourist that visits Paris also visits the Eiffel Tower.The Louvre - it is one of the largest and most famous museums of the world. In 1546 the Louvre started construction. It didn't actually become a museum...

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