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Paris And Gertrude Stein, A Love Story

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World War 1 was a very emotional and destructive experience for peoplearound the globe. The expression "Lost Generation" is a term coined by thewell-known Gertrude Stein, designating the many young writers who fledAmerica to the extraordinary Ville des Lumieres, that is, Paris. On their arrivalin Paris, the only shelter they had was of the best-known american writer inParis, Gertrude Stein. She was an idol, a star, a goddess among theseyouths, and believed herself to have the duty to guide them, as Paris guided her.Born in a middle-class family and being the youngest Gertrude had allthe privilages. She was the fifth child of Daniel and Amelia Stein. She spenther early childhood in the upper middle class surroundings of Allegheny,Pennsylvania. "...there you are privileged, nobody can do anything but take care of you, thatis the way I was and that is the way I still am, and any one who is like that necessarily likedit. I did and I do." (Gertrude Stein 1935)At the age of three, the little girl undertook her first trip to Europe. In aboutfour years the family traveled to Vienna and Paris. On their return to America,they settled in in Oakland, California, where Gertrude found a greatinterest in litterature. She was eight when she first attempted to write. During herearly years, she also strenghened her relationship with her olderbrother Leo two years her senior, they remained the closest friends during most of their early lifes.After the sad death of their father, Gertrude was moved to Baltimorand for a while stayed there with her wealthy uncles and aunts. She laterattended Radcliffe college, where she studied phylosophy and psychology. With aremarkable ease she earned top marks on all exams. Soon she left thecollege to enter John Hopkins University,and with her knowledge of sciences,she attempted to study medicine in Europe. On her arrival she quicklychanged her mind, caught up by the love she has for litterature, andso traveled all around Europe to learn cultures: to Italy, Germany and finallyEngland where she returned to her beloved brother in london. A fewweeks later Leo left for Paris, where he bought a house at the well-known "27 Rue de Fleurus", and took his sister with him. It was the firstpermanent house they had had since the death of their father back inOakland. For about thirty years , Gertrude Stein was "exiled" in Paris.Leo soon became an art collector, and paintings rapidlycovered the walls. "Le 27" was soon a "salon" where the paintings of newlyarrived artists,like Picasso,were shown. Picasso, present through many of the saturday nightparties, like numorous artists and writers. The painter became one ofStein's closest friends.Picasso later painted the famous portait of Stein, which she greatlyappreciated ,"I was and still am satisfied with my portrait, for me it is I, and it is the only reproduction of me which is always I, for me." (Gertrude Stein, 1935)It was during a party thrown by some friends that she meets the beautifulAlice B....

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