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As I strolled along the Capulet’s churchyard, the grief from Juliet’s death was too much to bear. I thought isolating myself from everyone, including my loyal and trustworthy Page, would help to alleviate this melancholic feeling. It didn’t. My chest became so tight it ached. And in that moment, I realized that the source of the empty pit in my stomach boiled down to one question: Why didn’t I see her death coming?
The question had been haunting me since the day I walked into the room to find my wife-to-be lying lifelessly on the bed. When I talked to her briefly the other day at Frair Lawrence’s cell, everything had seemed perfectly normal, just yet another girl falling for my irresistible charms once again. I thought it was a brilliant idea to push the wedding date forward, in hope that it might relieve some of my love’s excessive grief over Tybalt’s death. She even came to confess her love for me to Frair Lawrence, and yet she didn’t seem to share the same happiness that I felt during the time. Oh this simple complication is boring a hole in my head! What had changed during such a short amount of time?
Trudging one foot after the other, I walked aimlessly around the churchyard, gripping tightly the bunch flowers meant to lie in Juliet’s tomb. The flowers that I held gave me a sense of reassurance and closure, in a way I couldn’t...

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