Paris Street, Rainy Day Gustave Caillebotte This Essay Is Basically Taking A Detailed Look About The Work Of An Artist Named Caillebotte.

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Paris Street, Rainy day-Gustave CaillebotteIn this Oil on canvas painting Gustave Caillebotte is revealing the amazing talent he got to turn a real life picture into a painting. In this painting Paris Street, Rainy day the artist selected a complex intersection in Paris near Saint Lazare train station. This painting was painted during the time Napoleon III government was transforming old streets into new system. It was first exhibited in 1887 and it's now exhibiting at the art institute of Chicago. The general scene that's taking place in the painting is there is couple of people absorbed in their own world walking through the rain. It is such a beautiful painting it is guaranteed to catch our attention. Every little detail Caillebotte used to make this painting beautiful is terrific. Paris Street, Rainy day is painted using oil on canvas. "It is the process of painting with pigments that bound with medium of drying oil mainly linseed oil."(Wikipedia) In this paper we are going to look at the extreme details of such a beautiful paintings and the technique Caillebotte used to create this master piece.In his master piece Paris Street, Rainy day Gustave Caillebotte did a terrific job of using the lamp post as a vertical line and the horizon as a horizontal line therefore dividing the picture into four insets. The lamp post also seems to divide the fore ground from back ground. This minor detail that he uses to divide the picture plays a very important role in making his master piece beautiful. He uses expressive soft sensual lines as well as a little bit of classical lines in the painting. He uses a variety of outlines on the people who is walking by and on the buildings in the background. He also uses contour lines on the tiles and on the coat. The line of sight plays a significant role in this painting. The two people on the foreground are looking to their right which makes us the viewers of the painting wonder what they are looking at. The way they are looking to the right of the picture grabs our attention to the people who are walking at that end who are looking forward to another guy who is walking in front of them. He is looking down at the beautiful tiles with water and it also makes the viewer wonder if he is depressed. These lines which grabs our attention subconsciously is called implied lines. So subconsciously for the viewer, this line of sight Caillebotte created plays a huge role in the painting. It gives a deeper meaning to the painting.The Shapes in the painting Paris Street, Rainy day plays a huge role in adding depth to the painting. The first thing we would notice when we look at the picture is the unique shape of the building in the back ground. The building looks like it's getting smaller and smaller as the picture recedes. It looks like a triangle which makes the surrounding look like its 3d. Other shape that has to be mentioned is the shapes of human beings in the picture. In the foreground which right in front of the lamp...

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