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Parker Core Competency Project Week 1

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Theological integrity is having a solid understanding of Scripture, including its contexts and interpretations. This does not necessarily mean understanding ancient languages, but certainly understanding the meaning of the Scriptures and the themes portrayed in them. Spiritual vitality is the connection of a person’s spirit with God and the results actions that flows from it. As our lectures point out, to connect the two of them together is to connect the heart (spiritual vitality) to the head (theological integrity).
The connection here really is more vital than what many people give it credit for. Many modern pastors focus more on the heart reaction so they preach towards the ...view middle of the document...

This man would impress most church builders as he grew his divided church of 30-something to over 6000. With a thriving, growing church, one might think he had everything together with God, but in reality he had no theological integrity. This man lived on the spiritual vitality as long as he could, but eventually it started to wear thin. He began to question things in the Bible, he began to question his faith, and everything fell apart from there. This spiraled downhill and eventually caused him to leave his wife for another woman and resign his mega-church. Even today, as seen in his latter chapters, he never reconciled his understanding of God with Scripture; he instead chooses to live a life where he seemingly transcends the need for Scripture and lives in the spiritual vitality. In doing so, those who know him closely recognize that he drifted far away from God and possibly reality. This is the danger of ignoring the theological integrity in favor of an experience only. At the same time, other pastors focus on great theological insights, but few people experience God in their hearts because their minds are scrambling to keep up.
There must be a balance. Sitting in church pews for thirty plus years and not knowing the basics of Scripture is unacceptable. People in church should be in a continual learning mode to the point where the only way to learn more is to begin teaching themselves, this is how we build disciples. As our texts point out from J.P. Moreland, “If we are going to be wise, spiritual people prepared to meet the crises of our age, we must be a studying, learning community that values the life of the mind.” (Moreland 39)
In order to remedy this particular ailment, we must began to place a higher emphasis on teaching the Bible, not just teaching from a study guide about the Bible. The Bible stands as one of the best commentaries on the Bible – simply...

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