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Parker Core Competency Project: Week 2

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In this project, I will describe a scenario in which I am developing within my own ministry to engage people in helping them think theologically. The Church today is suffering greatly because many people are not engaged in Scripture, practicing spiritual disciplines, or thinking theologically. I hope to create a pattern to correct that and give them the ability to not just learn a little each week from a sermon, but take everything that comes at them and learn from it, while giving them the ability to teach others as well.
Examining three models found in this week’s reading, Aware-Engage-Apply (Grenz and Olson 129-130), Attending-Asserting-Acting (Christian Thinking) and ...view middle of the document...

To combat this, we must be able to show the patterns within Scripture where the Bible answers its own questions and shows consistency throughout. Opening people’s minds to the complexity of Scripture is like the movie, The Matrix, where people discover there is a world behind the world they see with their eyes. Once people begin to understand this principle, then they can process everything they see in the light of Scripture and theology to answer other questions of life.
The third leg to approach is the application of that knowledge. For this to be effective, we must use not only real-life examples, but also provide outlets to apply this knowledge. Teaching single people about married life does them little good since they cannot directly apply that knowledge in their lives yet. Encouraging people to teach Sunday School when there are no more classes that need teachers is equally fruitless.
In order to fulfill all of these requirements, using a three-year model, our church is developing a discipleship program, which endeavors to teach theology, how to think theologically, and provide avenues to apply theology. It begins with a year of Bible Study. In order to track this carefully, this program uses a daily reading plan, and weekly reviews the material that the students read in the upcoming week. The goal is for them to be able to see things in the Bible that they did not think about before so that as they read them, their minds will recall the meanings behind the words. For example, reading through the Book of Ruth is nice, but understanding the procedures that Boaz used to redeem Ruth, and its implications in Revelation, makes the story stand out more. This encourages people to see the Bible in a bigger scope and learn more than they would through a quick study or simple reading alone. Each week, we review any questions from prior readings as time allows and provide topics about the ministry for people to consider and ponder as they grow such as time management, spiritual disciplines, ministry options, and more.
The second year of this program takes students through Nazarene Continuing Lay Training courses; these include Spiritual Formation, John Wesley’s...

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