Parking Chaos Essay

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Have you ever been so annoyed when trying to find a parking spot that you start cursing and doing things you would not normally do? Trying to find a vacant parking space at the Riverside Community College can often do that. Although my drive to school takes only twenty minutes, I leave my house at 9am to be at my 10:30 class. At about 9:30 I pull into the parking lot only to find hundreds of other students trying to hurry up and park their vehicles before they are late to their classes. Once I arrive in my classroom, I am late and behind on the class discussion. By this time, I am very frustrated and trying to concentrate in my three-hour class becomes extremely difficult. Although there are many different ways the RCC parking lot annoys me, the main reasons are that it takes too long to find a parking space, the parking spaces are not wide enough for larger vehicles, and many students are not responsible enough.My first reason why the RCC parking lot annoys me is that it takes too long to find a parking spot. I have to leave over an hour in advance just to try and make it in time for my morning class. Once I wake up in the morning and leave for school, it takes double the amount of what should only be a ten-minute drive down to the RCC campus. Upon arriving at the parking lot, stress has already become a huge factor thanks to the morning work traffic on the way there. By the time I get to the parking lot, there is already a huge line of what seems like hundreds of students trying to find a parking spot for their vehicles. From this point on, it becomes pure luck to get a parking spot early enough before class starts in the next hour. As I drive down the long elongated lanes of cars and around and around the winding parking area like a merry-go-round; cars in front of me fill up the few empty parking spaces that open up. Soon it becomes obvious that it is going to take a miracle from God to find a parking spot. After more time passes by and class is about to start in twenty short minutes, I finally come into realization that the only solution to making it on time is to go the extreme and literally become a hunter and scout out another student walking to his or her vehicle. When I finally do see someone walking to their vehicle, I quickly drive towards their direction as fast as my truck will go only to get there and see someone else pull in that parking spot. At this time I am very stressed since class has already started ten minutes ago, so I decide to just go ahead and park in the staff parking and risk getting a parking ticket which always happens. I am already fifteen minutes late so I quickly grab everything I need so I can run to class. Once I walk in and try to focus and hurry and catch up on the notes I was suppose to have already taken, I am too stressed and my concentration appears to be non-existent.Another reason why the RCC parking lot is annoying is thanks to the narrow parking spaces. The parking spaces are just not wide enough for...

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