Parks And Gardens Of Varanasi Essay

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With devotees heading to its various Ghats to make offerings to the Goddess Ganga all the while, the holy city of Varanasi or Benares remains alive with hustle and bustle, typical of any other Indian city. Besides its famous Ghats, Varanasi also boasts of numerous parks and gardens which span through the length and breadth of the city.
These gardens and parks not only provide a viable means for the people of the city to rejuvenate themselves but also open new vistas of opportunity for nature lovers who head to these gardens to soothe their senses.
1.) Machodari Park
Located at a distance of 1 km from Guy Ghat, Machodari Park is famous among locals and tourists alike who make it a point to visit the park, whenever they pass through the area. The park can also be accessed via the Rabindranath Tagore Road. The park can be visited during early morning hours and late evenings.
Street hawkers offering a taste of traditional Benares cuisine are worth a try when on a visit to the park.

Machodari Park

2.) Dumraubagh Park
Located near the famous Assi ghat, Dumraubagh Park is popular among morning walkers who make it a point to take a round of the park. The park also boasts of a jungle gym, another add on for the fitness enthusiasts who head to the park.

Dumraubagh Park
Locals and tourists alike can be spotted relaxing in the park, even as they finish their daily dose of roasted peanuts which are available just round the corner at Assi ghat.
3.) Nehru Park
One of the liveliest parks of the lot, Nehru Park is popular among children. Located centrally in the vicinity of JHV Multiplex in Cantonment area of the city, Nehru Park has multiple slide swings which enable the children to make the most of their outing with the family.

Nehru Park
Evening hours are the busiest at the park as parents make it a point to visit the same along with their children to enable them to relax...

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