Parks, Monuments And Forests Endangered Essay

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One of the best ideas this country did was the creation our system of national monuments, parks, and forests, this model was used in the creation of our state parks. Historically, parks and forests were the domain of the very rich, influential, and the powerful where they could hunt and relax. Here in the United States that was the mindset that prevailed until the mid-1860s. With the discovery in the early 1800’s by who were called mountain men, they described boiling hot mud, steam being emitted out of the ground and water being ejected out of the ground. At first this was dismissed as nonsense and was dubbed by the media as “Colter’s Hell” (Burns). That is, until a prestige’s expedition brought back detailed descriptions of hot springs, the boiling mud, and of course the geysers. After this time, a sense was gaining momentum that we, as a nation, should preserve such wonders, not only for the rich and powerful, but for all citizens to enjoy. Our parks were becoming the last refuge of animals that otherwise would have disappeared forever (Burns). Our national park system began with the creation of the first national park at Yellowstone, and today they continue to evolve and be debated of who should control our national parks, what should be contained within their boundaries and even if they should exist at all (Burns). The push for the creation of a “Nations Park” came mainly due to the near ruin of Niagara with landowners owning every vista that overlooked the falls charging a fee; commercialization gone wild and what eventually became a national embarrassment (Burns). While Yellowstone is officially the first national park, the whole national park began with Yosemite Valley with a bill introduced in 1864 to give the state of California the valley on the promise that it be protected. The bill passed with little debate and quickly signed by President Lincoln. This became a cascade of more parks and monuments being created, but not only for wilderness areas, but areas of historic significance as well as for the preservation of endangered animals. From the onset, with the creation of the first national park, there have been those who wish to exploit the land and resources present in the park and that continues today along with those who wish to keep our parks free of being overly exploited. This came to a head when in 1872 the United States Supreme Court ruled that the government has the power to set aside public lands for public use. Our national parks are public lands for our use and enjoyment and we should continue to support our state and national parks, monuments, and forests .
Today, the creation of natural parks is still controversial between those who wish to preserve the natural beauty and those who wish to exploit the parks and lands near the parks for economic gains. The exploitation is still for the benefit of a group of powerful corporations and special interest; with the explanation that is suppose to benefit the local...

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