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Parl Essay

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Pearl Harbor, one of the worst attacks on the U.S. The over 3,000 involved (Civilians counted as well). The attack was a surprise to us. The way the attack came in was claimed to be the attack method at that time. The plan was key for the pilots not to mess up. The harbors radar somehow did not pick up the planes. The A6M Zero was a pilot that the U.S. was trying to take down. The fear that this attack would happen was already there. The only thing missing was the attack itself. The killed will always be remembered. The U.S. declared their entrance the World War II. Japan suffered the consequences for this attack, maybe more than they deserved the atomic bombs are was 10 times more powerful than the bombs used against the U.S. More people could have survived the bombings, they had to be prepared.
The planes used during the bombing are legendary for being the best pilots during that time period. The Mitsubishi A6M “Zero” was the main target during the attack. The planes could go up to 340 mph (151.9 m/s). The pilot’s codename was “Zero” due to his attack style leading to no damage toward the plane and/or pilot. The A6M’s Radial engine was only available through Japanese manufactures. The American planes at that time used V-12 engines due to the power it had. The radial engine however, was more silent which was proven better by the attacks. The P-51 mustang was the golden plane for the U.S. The V-12 was anything new; the speed was the best at that time. Speed topped out at roughly 437 mph (195.35 m/s). The plane’s was later reincarnated into the Ford Mustangs we know today. The planes used were some of the best planes at that time. The power they had was no match for the planes we have today. None of the planes came close to breaking the sound barrier. The sound barrier is easily broken now by the jets of today.
The power of pilots back in that was large. They had the control of the air, that is, if...

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