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Parody Advertisements Essay

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In society parody advertisement is commonly used to draw attention to common issues in society that are normally overlooked. The first type of parody advertisements were caricatures. In history caricatures were used to prove a point in politics. Today most parody advertisements express views on alcohol, drugs, and other common issues that people struggle with to “fit-in” with society. A few examples of parody advertisements are Absolute on Ice, Barcode Escape, and Feed Me Spoof. These parody advertisements deal with issues such as: drinking and driving, underage drinking, money controlling society, the thrifting movement, and anorexia nervosa. These are common issues that have been around for years but in recent years they have become a greater problem than ever before, the parody advertisements are just one form of aid that is being used to put an end to the problems.
The parody advertisement Absolute on Ice was meant to get the point across about drunk driving. The advertisement depicts a dead body with the words “ Absolute on Ice” at the bottom and underneath those words are some facts about automobile fatalities and alcohol ads. The dead body makes a bold statement because people normally do not associate alcohol with death because they feel that drugs are worst. Also not showing a gender or face on the body proves that death from alcohol can target anyone. The advertisement is targeted to underage drinking because on the body tag the age of the person is eighteen and the facts below relate to teenagers. The advertisement also relates back to society because majority of teenagers follow what is seen on television. The facts at the bottom state that “A teenager sees 100,000 alcohol ads before reaching the legal drinking age” (Absolut on Ice). This advertisement is one of the few that a person will see that is against underage drinking. Most advertisements are about drinking and driving, therefore the fact that the advertisement targets underage drinking makes the advertisement stand out from normal drinking advertisements.
Another good parody advertisement is Barcode Escape which depicts a simple barcode with two hands as if a person is locked behind the bars. This is a good advertisement to show how trapped people are behind material objects. People label each other behind what they can and can not afford. Certain people allow money to control their life never realizing that they are imprisoned by the very thing they thought they could not live without. This advertisement can be considered a visual for the saying “the best things in life are free.” If a person spends their life worrying about material things then they have spent their life imprisoned by the barcode.
Barcode Escape can also be used to advertise how the lower and middle class society operates today. The people who can not afford name brand items are finding a way to get the same looks at cheaper prices. Therefore you can say that they are breaking free of the barcode....

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