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As such, an inmate bad behavior will be acknowledged to know if this person is only putting on a front as being rehabilitated because they ‘want out’. While incarcerated inmates who engage in education training and other things of that nature will be allowed in their case file that will be going before the parole board. Before setting a date for the inmate to go before the parole board a detailed psychological evaluation will be done and any other tests should the need arise. There will also be a meeting with a parole officer and a plan must be drafted on the conditions of their release and this will only be finalized by the parole board members after the parole hearing. Your case file will ...view middle of the document...

Once offenders know that there is a parole system available to them and that under the terms outlined they qualify for such a service it can be an incentive to have their behavior one of which will assist them in trying to get an early release. This in turn will lower the amount of persons incarcerated and assist in the overcrowding of jails. A temperately work release program should also be given to inmates and will be the responsibility of the agency to have them fully monitored before granting them full parole depending on their conduct (MARK A. R. KLEIMAN, 2008).
Inmates with terminal illnesses like HIV, AIDS or Cancer will be granted early parole once they have contracted the disease before they had been imprisoned. There will be two examination conducted on such patients to verify their illness by two separate independent doctors or institutions that will be unsystematically contracted by the parole board. Once confirmed that they are ill provisions will be made based on the time the doctor would have said your life expectancy is with such diseases. Based on such you may become eligible for parole before serving seventy percent of your sentence.
When release from prison a parolee is now under the custody of the parole agency and will be given specific guidelines to adhere to. One of these guidelines are due to the fact that the agency is an independent agency there will be come consideration given to the supervision of persons, a fee will then therefore come into play; the parolee will pay seven cents on each dollar earned to the agency. The fee is at seven cents due the fact that they are now coming out or prison and back into mainstream of society and they may not be working for much. The is the intention of the agency not to pressure the individuals because this can in turn assist in making such individuals return to a life of crime and parole will be immediately revoked.
Depending on the level of your crime the check in period will be different for parolees. All parolees are subjected to unscheduled urine analysis testing; this will assist and encourage individuals to keep on the right path. Electronic monitoring will be introduced for parolees who have been convicted of crimes such as assault of a family member, aggravated assault or a sex offence. Parolee will be given a specific distance to stay away from family members and known locations of family members; supervised visitations will be allowed if the family authorizes such. Sex offenders are to remain away from schools, playgrounds or anywhere children frequently gather for any activity. If anyone under the care of the agency has a change of job, your parole officer must be informed within 48hours of the change. If you have to relocate you are required to check and notify your parole officer of your intent and he or she will make arrangements to go with you and have the place checked out to make sure it is within you stipulated guidelines outlined in your release form. ...

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