Part 1 Infectious Diseas Es – Tinea Pedis. Part 2 Problems Relating To Antibiotic Resistance Part 3 Cataracts And Cataract Surgery. Part 4 Cochlear Implants.

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Al Faisal CollegeH.S.C ASSESSMENT TASK NOTICE 4Faculty: ScienceCourse: BiologyTask number: 4Weighting: 25%.Task description: Research taskComponent / mode: 9.4 The Search For Better Health Option CommunicationNAME: RABEH SALMAPART 1 INFECTIOUS DISEASEs - Tinea pedis.CauseBetween the toes the environment is rather moist, warm and poorly ventilated, this consequently results in the optimum requirements for the fungi to live and reproduce (Tinea Pedis, 2005-2006). Tinea pedis is caused by several different fungi including yeasts. Though, the most common fungi causing Tinea pedis are Trichophyton rubrum ,T. mentagrophytes and Epidermophyton floccosum (Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia, 2005).HOSTThe host of the disease Tinea pedis is human's dead skin on the foot (Excerpt from Tinea Pedis, 1996-2006). Likewise, animals such as kittens, mice, dogs etc (Ringworm or tinea, 2008).Mode of transmissionTinea pedis is mildly contagious; it can be spread directly or indirectly either human to human contact or animal to animal contact (Tinea pedis, 2005-2006). However, the fungi are able to distribute themselves within pools, contaminated soils, locker rooms etc, and when people or animals come in contact with these area's the fungi quickly activates and multiplies, thus spreading indirectly (Ringworm or tinea, 2008). Moreover, the disease is capable of diversifying its spread by human to animal contact and vice versa (Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia, 2005).SymptomsThe first most common symptom that appears with Tinea pedis is that the skin becomes itchy and reddens. After a few days or weeks it worsens where scaling, inflammation occur and blisters form. Furthermore, when the blisters break raw patches of tissue form and are exposed, this can cause a secondary bacterial infection to enter. In severe cases, the skin cracks and leaks fluid (Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia, 2005).HOST RESPONSEThere are two responses brought about by the skin and body. Initially, as the fungi multiplies on the skin producing an arid environment, the skin responds to produce more natural oil to smoothen and moist the skin. However, the fungi penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin causing a decrease in natural oil secretion as the glands are damaged, which results in cracking and seeping of fluids. Additionally, there is a decrease in blood flow towards the foot. Furthermore, this causes a rough orange peel on the skin. In the long-term of shortage of blood towards the foot, the cells and tissues begin to slowly die which result in black patches on the skin (Athelet's foot, 2008).TreatmentAs mentioned above, Tinea pedis favours moist and poorly ventilated conditions. A simple way to treat Tinea pedis in its early stages is to make sure your feet are always kept dry and air is allowed to move freely between toes and on feet, hence disrupting its optimum requirements causing it to decrease in its reproduction or spreading (Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia, 2005). If the...

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