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The Creation of Standards – PO#2
Maintaining compliance with regulatory standards is a critical aspect of effectively managing the OSH function of any company. By in large, the standards developed by OSHA have been very successful. However, the process for creating these regulations has become ridiculously mucked up through the years. This sections is aimed at determining what must be done to allow for a more unrestricted approach to the creation of federal OSH standards. The researcher will suggest that strong, well-written standards will dramatically enhance the way businesses throughout the U.S. manage worker health and safety.
Exactly what is a Standard
According to (2013), the definition of “standard” is, something considered by an authority as a basis of comparison. The term also speaks of a rule or principle used as a basis for judgment. To most people, the word standard would potentially conjure thoughts of normalcy or average/expected requirement with respect to quality, quantity, grade, etc. Another interesting aspect of standards is that they are closely correlated to morals and ethics in many people’s daily lives. For example, growing up, many people strive to live up to the standards put over them by their parents, grandparents, teachers, and so forth. It may be safe to assume that many people will seek to deliver upon reasonable standards that are properly communicated.
OSHA is the responsible party in the U.S. for creating standards pertaining to OSH. PELs which were extensively covered in the above section are but one example of standards that have been established by OSHA, albeit a relatively poor one. Anyone with even a novice understanding of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), title 29 understands how extensive these standards actually range. 29 CFR, as it is commonly referred to, contains all of the regulation that pertain to labor. Within title 29 is a further subdivision of parts, with OSHA responsible for all parts between 1900 and 1999. Perhaps the most widely recognized parts is this title include, 1910 and 1926 which cover OSH standards and safety and health regulations for construction respectively (OSHA, n. d. l).
How OSHA Creates their Standards
The process for developing standard such as those found in 29 CFR. 1910 must begin with the recognition of a hazard. While these hazards are often brought to light by nationally and internationally recognized OSH agencies, they can and do sometimes originate from sources like employer or labor representatives, and even concerned individuals (OSHA, n. d. m). Once the appeal for a particular standard has been addressed, the agency must then decide whether or not they will entertain it. If so, the proposal is drafted with or without the assistance from any of the special advisory committees like NACOSH which was mentioned previously. Quite often NIOSH will play a significant role in the creation of a standard, primarily in the capacity of conducting...

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