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Part Ii: Conservation Of Stream Habitats In Hong Kong

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Designating valuable sites as protected areas

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) reported that the sites identified as conservation importance for freshwater fish were designated as protected areas such as country parks, conservation areas and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) . These special areas are regulated and protected from incompatible development and some human activities which may destroy the environment. For example, Lin Ma Hang, one of the localities of Chinese Rasbora, was designated as SSSI in 2007. Besides, Tai Ho, which is a breeding site of the rare Ayu and a site of high diversity of fish species, was designated as SSSI in 1999. [1]

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The first one was to build a by-pass channel connecting the upper-stream and the lower-stream so that the stream-flow will run through the original natural river section when the flow condition is normal. However, the excessive water can enter the by-pass channel whenever there is an increase in the stream-flow to prevent the habitat being destroyed by flooding. [4]

The second method was to preserve natural streambed by using natural materials instead of using concrete because the natural materials could provide the substrate for the widened stream and river channels. [4] The substrates of streams contain native imported mineral materials can accumulate organic materials that are important to the metabolism of the stream communities. [3]

Maintaining the biodiversity

AFCD started breeding programs for certain important and endangered species, such as Macropodus hongkongensis, Oryzias curvinotus and Rhodeus ocellatus. Some captive-bred fish fries are transferred to suitable and safe sites within the country parks and monitored regularly in order to safeguard their populations. The breeding programs have been proved to be success in a trial program adopted in Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve. In that program, the new population of Macropodus hongkongensis had been established in just a few years.[2]

Other than the breeding programs, WWF also...

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