Role Of International Hrm In An International Business Environment

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Abstract:In the current global market, an organization has to consider various strategies and human resource policies in order to effectively manage its vital resources i.e. human resources. A human resource manager has to consider the international trends in managing the human resources in the organization in order to be successful in the international market. The success of the organization in the international market depends on the strategic and personnel considerations of the manager. The organization and the human resource manager has to consider the various differences in the policies, practices and cultures that arise by operating in various countries. This is a common problem that a human resource manager faces in a multinational company. This report focuses on the strategic and personnel considerations that an international human resource manager needs to consider in order to successfully implement the human resource policies in the international context.Introduction:The operations and practices in an organization are changing in a drastic manner with the advent of globalisation. According to Hofstede, G (1991), the companies are expanding their businesses internationally in order to increase the profitability and market share. This requires the organization to design and implement some unique human resource management strategies in order to manage the employees and also to survive in the market. Denice E (1999) states that the companies are becoming multinational companies since globalisation has opened the international market and removed the barriers of doing business in the international market. It becomes the responsibility of the human resource managers working in a multinational company to manage the diverse environment and human resources in the international market. According to Thomas M Begley (2002), the human resource managers in a multinational company have to consider the strategic and personnel considerations in order to effectively manage the organization. The research conducted by Trompenaars, F (1993) states that the international human resource management is a combination of strategic human resource management and personnel management. The international human resource managers have to frame suitable strategies in order to manage the employees effectively. These strategies include the operational and personnel factors that the international human resource managers need to consider. In a research conducted by Gereffi G (1999), it was found that the multinational companies' operations are similar to a single national company. But the only difference lies in the fact that the multinational companies have their sites, operations, suppliers, customers and other activities spread across the world in many countries. A multinational company has to frame strategies in order to start its operations in other countries, modify their practices as per the legal requirements of the host country, make the necessary modifications...

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