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Sociology forms the core study of human interaction both at the household and in group level. It has been noted by several writers (for instance Scott, 1994) that it is important to note that role of male and female are clearly defined right from birth based culture, social status and economic environment. The environment in this case entails both the external and the internal interactions of the society. It is therefore augured that duty children tend to know of their sex as early as one year due to sense of separation from the other sex as observed by the child. In an attempt to investigate the possible contribution of this practice to gender inequality, this paper in the subsequent literature focuses on how gender and social class has perpetuated inequality within the society and possible remedies to tame the trend of inequality.
Daily gender role determination:
Over the years, the role of male and female has been the key study of sociologists (for example Astin & Aseguera, 2004) in their study investigating the equity of American higher education noted that despite the fact that access of education is and career choices, female serving in various levels still have additional family burdens. It is further argued that these complexity in gender roles are shaped among other things by;
Biology as a gender determinant: It is naturally designed that women are capable of giving birth while men are only capable of siring. Women therefore are naturally occupying a reproductive role Which in essence clearly indicates that through, parentage a gender role is determined. It is the biological morphology that dictates the role of female and male. In a natural sense, female are less masculine than men and therefore perceived to be weaker than men. Hence allocated less heavy role than men.
Culture as a gender role determinant. After children are born and brought up to maturity, even in the process, the prescribed way of life in terms of culture and norms shape-up the roles of the gender. For example, in warrior communities male are only suppose to be the protecting the community while women are to serve and take care of their ‘masters’. However, in the modern society, Male and female are seen as equal being and should assume same role capacity.
Society dynamics: Through socialization and other form of human interaction, the individuals learn to differentiate the accepted code of behavior thereby leading to role distinction. It is this diversity that drives the clamor for change and gender representation in all the spheres of life. (See for instance Coon, 2001). For example, parents buying specific toys to communicate different gender roles by the girl and boy child
1.2 Gender inequality through responsibility and modernism
The responsibility of male and female has gradually changed over time based on perception and technology. In the traditional set up, every gender occupied a distinct role in the society while in the modern set...

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