Role Of Morality In International Affairs

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Throughout the pages of history, several institutions have been created to "preserve" peace, tranquility and fairness in the global scheme of things. Both the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations have seen immoral atrocities committed around the world and have failed to act due to what some people might refer to as a "conflict of interest" or overstepping boundaries. Many countries have continued to act in their own interests and have caused major damage and suffering to other nations without merely being challenged by the international scene. But the real confrontation is: "What can you consider internationally moral or immoral?" Under what moral grounds can a country be judged? Through several readings and dialogues, it is clear that there is practically no place for morality amid international affairs due to the natural flaws of man, the universal human notion of greed and sheer profitable interests of nations."The argument starts with the observation that man as an actor on the political scene does certain things in violation of ethical principle which he does not do when he acts in a private capacity (Morgenthau 7)." The actions of politicians are in many cases outlined by their personal interests and their supreme recklessness, due to the fact that at the end of the day their countries, and not them, have to deal with the consequences. Morality, in the political scene seems to be judged with other standards than morality in the personal or private landscape. Since men will in many cases act in their own interest, rather than in the interest of the community, it is impossible for moral standards to be followed within the international society.As Aristotle perfectly addresses it, "the greatest crimes are caused by excess and not by necessity." The excess of land, money, and especially power, make the political scene a stage for immoral actions that consciously or not, cause turmoil amid the international arena. The search for political power has driven nations to abuse what the international scene at times has considered logical and moral. Some nations confuse or try to disguise humanitarian intervention with the sheer hunger of a nations growth or...

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