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Part Time Employment Essay

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Part time employment has increased dramatically in the last decade. There are more than five million teenagers who have part time jobs. The research suggest that teenagers are twice as likely to work in todays economy than in 1950’s. More teenagers are getting jobs during school at a time when there is concern about improving the nation's academics performance of secondary schools. There are two perspective for part time employment. There are work complements school and work supplements school (
The first view, work complements school, encourages that work during school brings a smooth transition from school to work after high school. It will bring a smooth transition because students know how to be responsible and get things done on time. They will know how to manage their time. Research also suggest that students who work are more prepared for the work world. It considers that they will have more job opportunities and will earn higher wages later in life. They will be more prepared because when a student has work and school they have to know how to be organized. Work helps a student a become more organized because it gives them more responsibility and makes them keep their stuff straight. If a person does not keep their stuff straight they tend to get lost and then have minny panic attacks. Without responsibility a person will never be able to go anywhere in life. A person always has to be responsible and prepared (
Work allows a student to become more prepared because it shows them what is expected when it comes to the work world. When a student knows what is expected, they start working on things that will help them become more prepared. They start looking at classes that they actually need to take, and start to understand why that class is needed. Work also helps a student become more prepared because it helps them decide what they want to do later on in life. They realize that they actually want a good that pays well and gives them family time also. Students with part-time jobs do not want to work for minimum wage for the rest of their life. Part-time employment shows them that there are better and more opportunities out there in the world to earn money. Also it makes them more prepared by showing them what boss’s expect from their employees and the only way to know what boss’s want is to work as a part-time employee and go from one job to the next.
Another thing that is nice when a student works during high school is that it will help them get a job later on in life. It helps them get a job because that part-time employment gives them work experience that will be helpful later on in life. They will have a better a chance than the rest of the the students who are not working because a boss of a company looks to see if the people that they are are hiring have had work experience before, and if they do they will have a better chance of getting hired. If they do not have work...

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