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Part Time Indian Essay

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Have you ever been faced with a challenge that not only affected you, but also everyone else in your life? Your relationships with friends and family would change, some for the better, others for the worse? Would you be willing to make the sacrifices needed to build yourself as a person, and help make you successful, or would you crumble under the pressure from the people around you? The book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie, deals with these ideas. Junior, a fourteen-year-old Indian boy with big geeky glasses, and a huge pair of feet, deals with his low self esteem and finding himself. He overcomes many obstacles and amazes readers through and through in this book. To succeed, Junior must believe in himself. Through his move to Reardan High School, his new friends and girlfriend Penelope, and his love of basketball, Junior learns to be himself, and not let anyone knock him down.
Junior begins his year at the reservation school on a sour note. After finding his mothers name in his math book, he throws the book at his teacher. With that act of anger, Junior gets suspended from school. While he is suspended, Mr.P, the teacher he threw the book at, pays him a visit. Instead of getting angry at Junior, Mr.P gives him his words of wisdom. “You have to leave this reservation” (Pg. 42) Mr.P shows faith in Junior by telling him these words. Mr.P is almost playing the role of Junior’s conscience, by telling him what Junior already knows deep down inside himself, is the truth. This is the first step on Juniors road to finding and believing in himself.
Today, most people would think nothing more of a new Indian student, besides the fact that he was a new student. But when Junior first arrives at Rearden, an all white school, he is teased, bullied, and made fun of. The students bombard him with racial slurs, and inappropriate comments due to Juniors race. As time progresses, the rude behavior stops and the kindness takes it’s place, mainly due to his new friends and girlfriend. Penelope, Roger, and Gordy all influence the other students at school to treat Junior with...

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