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Participation In Team Sports Builds Character

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The involvement in team sports builds good character and social development skills in children. According to LHSAA executive director, Kenny Henderson “Children who participate in sports have heightened self-esteem, social skills, ability to work well with others and more respect.” Young adults who have played team sports are less likely to take illegal drugs. Adults who played sports as children have better social and leadership skills. Sports provide children with experiences and interactions necessary to grow into an adult with good character and sufficient social skills. Team sports in grade school can offer children and teenager an outlet for stress and negative emotional build-up. Coaches, practices, games or meets and traveling all have a large impact on a person’s charter. Most children who have played a team sport at some time have character traits found in highly successful adults.
Benefits of Team Sports
Children learn social interactions and many other elementary skills before the person has completely matured. Trying to teach an adult these skills will prove to be less effective than teaching a child. In youth, these teachings will be instilled in the child as morals, which the child will most likely apply to their daily live, even as adults. Trying to teach an adult character and social skills after they have gone their whole lives without developing these fundamental skills would make the adult see them as unnecessary. The adult would most likely not apply the teachings, while a child would live by them; therefore, character building and social interaction should be experienced at a young age. According to many educators especially language teachers, “kids brains have more elasticity than those of adults” (Busy Teacher, 2007). This means that children’s brains are more acceptable to learning.
Children who participate in team sports have increased self-esteem, social skills, respect, success rate and ability to work with others. These positive effects come from the environment created to successfully become an athlete and play a sport. Coaches usually act as mentors and role models to their athletes, guiding them not only in sports but in life as well. Good coaches also praise children when they do well and sympathize when things do not go as planned which helps boosts a child’s self-esteem. Due to team sports involving more than one athlete, teammates are forced to work well together. These efforts are rewarded in various ways such as winning, good plays or receiving praise from spectators.
Survey Results
In a recent small survey, I evaluated personal experiences people have had with team sports. I asked, “Have you ever played a team sport? If so, what sport?” to determine if different sports yielded different results. This question also helped to determine how people who did not play sports felt about them. The second thing I asked was “In what age group did you play group sports” to determine...

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