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Partition Between India And Pakistan Essay

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The partition of India and Pakistan was a time of great turmoil. There was an overwhelming amount of violence and confusion at the time, 1947, when two new countries were born: Hindu-dominated India and Muslim-dominated Pakistan. Although there hadn't been much of any violent altercations between Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs before this time, the partition brought a myriad of difficulties between the three groups with it. Because of the violence and tension between the different religious groups in India and Pakistan, many people (as much as eleven million) were forced to leave their homes and move to their respective country. This meant that Muslims would have to move to Pakistan, and Hindus to India.
India and Pakistan established their independence in August 1947, following a very lengthy nationalist struggle. In fact, this struggle lasted almost three decades. Thus, it set an important example for European empires endings up in other places. Sadly, the two nations’ independences triggered the largest mass migration in history -- around 10 million people. Even worse, around one million civilians lost their lives in the riots and fights that accompanied the migration. These altercations mostly occurred in the western region of Punjab, which had been split in half because of the border.
The consensus to split India into two different countries -- Pakistan (for Muslims) and India (for Hindus) -- is frequently said to be the result of issues between the elites of each nation. However, this assumption does not justify the ridiculous amount of violence that came with the migration. There is one probable justification for the disorder from splitting the two nations -- Great Britain’s swift evacuation of India following their sudden understanding that it could not continue to maintain its over-extended empire.
If the sole purpose for creating Pakistan was truly to create a home for Muslims, it is confusing at to why so many stayed in India, rather than migrating to Pakistan. It should be noted that Pakistan, at the time of its independence, was a country created in two halves: one to the east of Indian, formerly known as East Bengal (now Bangladesh), and one to the west, known as Western Pakistan. These two halves were an astonishing 1,700 kilometers away from each other, and this would eventually raise problems for governing the two halves as one nation, and in the end create two separate nations.
There is a likely possibility that the leader of Muslim League, Mohammad Ali Jinnah (affectionately known as Quaid-e-Azam, meaning Great Leader) only wanted to use his wish for a separate country for Muslims as a bargaining chip with an ill-kept India. Of course, the inception of Pakistan did not occur until the late 1930s.
Some nationalist movements had been founded in India by the late 1800s. Nationalism and Indian had grown in its following because of Great Britain’s education policies and communication and transportation breakthroughs in India. These...

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