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Domestic violence spans the range of violent encounters and includes physical assaults, sexual assaults, verbal assaults, intimidation, threats, extreme emotional or psychological neglect and even death. The hypothesis of this paper is do students believe that partner abuse is a problem on college campus. To find out this I will include a literary review, which will include theories of why it might occur and prof from other sources. Most important a survey given out to Curry college students and its results will be included. I choose this topic to educate students on the violence in dating relationships.Literary reviewPartner violence is typically defined as an act carried out with the intention of causing physical or mental pain to another person. Partner abuse is not only important as a phenomenon in itself but also because it precedes marital violence and thus may provide a link in transmission of violence. Here are some theories that may provide some reasons how partner abuse occurs and the prof that it is a problem on college campuses.On theory of dating violence is the social learning theory. This theory examines the effects of either experiencing abuse as child or witnessing abusive between one's parents. Reachers of dating violence have found that there is a history of abuse is related to later involvement in an abusive relationship for both males and females. Also, found that having been abused as a child predicted later involvement in abuse for women but not for men.Abusive men were more likely to have witnessed violence between their parents than were women in an abusive marriage. Similarly, found that although more abused wives, they still were less likely to have witnessed marital violence than had non husbands. Therefore, although a history of either witnessing or experiencing abuse seems of either witnessing or experience abuse seems prevalent between men and women in abusive relationships, the exact nature of that influence on men and women remains unclear.(Alexander, Pamela C Journal of marriage and the family p 657-667)The Feminist theory has also been used to explaining the presence of violence between males and females. Feminist theory views violence as a manifestation of the patriarchal structure in our culture, which is reflected in the patterns of behaviors and attitudes of individuals. Discoveries that abusive man frequently espouses more traditional views about women than do non abusive men. Conversely more recent research has found no difference between men's attitudes toward women and violent behavior toward their partners. Evidence regarding women's attitudes is similarly mixed. There is no found difference between abused wives and those in discordant or satisfied marriages in their attitudes toward women. Also, no found relationship between adherence and feminist ideology. Also, the experience of sexual aggression in a dating relationship. Other researches have concluded that the discrepance between some couple's...

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