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Pass/Fail Grading System Essay

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For many students it is imperative for them to be unsurpassed. In order for this to happen for them these students strive to go to the top. They live for the momentous A’s jumbled around all over their report card. A report card like that lets the student know that every hour they spent painstakingly studying to pass the test or to complete their homework was all worth it. However, what happens when that concept is no longer in place? When there is no longer the will in the student to prosper in their studies because the A that they have strived for is taken away from them? It then becomes hard to stay motivated to stay up all those hours to complete their work, they lose sight of the ...view middle of the document...

Those hours upon hours you spent that night on your assignments become insignificant. The only good way to look at a pass and fail grading system is for those kids who don’t try their hardest to succeed, but even then it could still hurt them.
When it comes to the pass/fail grading system standards are lowered so it becomes easy for anyone to get by with the least success. The only thing needed to satisfy the student, parent, teacher, and any college professor is to see that they passed because there is no letter grading to go off of. This doesn’t mean the student is learning anything it just means that they could be simply guessing or picking and choosing what they want to learn. It no longer becomes significant that the student got an A; all that matters to them is that the student passes because that is all they see. Also, being that the student has had so much “success” in passing, teachers may think it’s okay to step it up a notch and put them into more advanced classes. However this damages the students who think all they need to do is the minimal as well as the other students previously placed in that class before the distress of grades. Those of students who don’t put their best foot forward and do the bare minimum get left behind because they are supposed to have previous knowledge before coming into the class that expects the knowledge to be there. Those who were already in the class and willing to work hard are slowed down in order for the other type of students to catch up. This type of grading system basically tells students that it doesn’t matter if they didn’t put their effort into it. All that matters is that you know a quantity of it because the only thing anyone will care about is that they pass. Student’s then stop taking pride among their work and not only stop competing against their self but also against the other students that surround them.
This week I went into the guidance counselor’s office at my school to find out where I rank in my class. When I got there, I found out I was number thirteen. It was so rewarding to know I was in the top twenty because my class is...

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