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There are many disputes between the benefits of small towns versus living in the big city. Although living in small towns do provide many benefits such as a closer community and family life which are important and add into how a child’s morals and personality evolve, big cities provide more opportunity for the American dream. In this case the American dream being the ability to live a successful, happy and healthy life. Everything in your life from the moment you’re born leads up to this which is why it is important to be able to have the stepping stones needed for success that big cities can provide throughout one’s life.
The first one of these stepping stones involves education. Education is a huge factor that plays into what student’s want to do after high school such as college and furthermore what that student wants to do with their life after college. If kids are unable to get a good education then how will they make it to a good college? If they can’t get into a good college then how will they be able to be happy and successful if they can’t get the job they want or do what they love? It’s much harder to find good education in a small town where there is not that many choices and the schools that are available are not as advanced in technology or don’t have a large enough of the population that wanted to become teachers and not enough students for many classes. What if you’re the kid who came from a small town and wanted to become a French teacher? However, you don’t make it into a good college to be able to study this because you didn’t have experience in high school. Unlike the kid who had that opportunity available to him because he came from a school in a big city who had enough kids interested in studying French and a teacher who had a passion for French as strong as the kid’s. You just missed your chance, your dream all because of what? Because you came from a small town? It’s as if people from small towns need to have general dreams and dreams that are limited because of what little things their town can provide them as far as studies. Of course this may not be the case for all small town kids because maybe they might still have access to these schools with much opportunity but others are still not as fortunate, this is...

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