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Pass To Play Essay

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This is a quote by American basketball hall of famer William Warren Bradley. Baring this quote in mind consider this question; should high school athletes have to pass mandatory drug tests to participate in sports? I think the answer is yes. I believe that sports are a privilege, not a right. By choosing to be a part of a sports program you are signing up to be a role model for those students around you. You reflect not only yourself but your school, your community, and on a level your parents and family. There are many reasons why I believe that all high school athletes should be drug tested in order to play.
One of these reasons is this: drugs are illegal, plain and simple. By abusing ...view middle of the document...

Many kids think that since that football jock does drugs that it’s cool and that everybody does it, but by keeping that jock off of drugs you could change the way that many students view the topic or drug abuse.
A second reason that I believe student athletes should be drug tested is that by keeping the student athletes away or at least deterred from abusing drugs you cut down on the number of high school athletes who fall prey to the dark, harmful effects that drugs have on the body long term. The drugs are made of chemicals that will actually change the body permanently, so even after you’ve stopped using the effects will last long into your life. The only people who develop into drug addicts are drug users. The only way you become a drug addict is by using drugs, that’s just a fact. So by decreasing the number of student athletes that abuse drugs you decrease the chance of them becoming an addict by 100%. Drugs cause illness, injury, social problems but they also have many other negative effects. This is a second reason why I believe that high school athletes should be regularly drug tested.
A third reason I believe that student athletes should be drug tested is that the drug tests till help with the drug problems among high school athletes in two ways, the first is that the tests will serve as a deterrent to drug abuse. When a student athlete knows there is a potential to be drug tested the student athlete will be more likely to resist the peer pressure to use drugs. The second way that it will benefit it that by identifying the athletes with existing drug problems, something can be done to correct that student’s path, and help them to get clean and to encourage a drug free future. Many people would argue against the drug tests on the grounds that the test is an invasion on the athlete’s privacy. But in 2002 in the Supreme Court case of Pottawatomie County v. Earls the Supreme Court ruled that drug testing students involved in extracurricular activities was indeed constitutional and not a violation of a student’s fourth amendment rights. The students’ future and learning ability was considered more important than the students’ privacy. This is just one case where the issue of drug testing students involved in extracurricular activities was called into question. The point is it’s been ruled and upheld that drug testing students involved in sports is constitutional, and not an invasion of privacy.
A fourth reason I believe that high school athletes should be drug tested is this: there are many student athletes who don’t do drugs...

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