Passion Or Money? That Is The Question

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A person walks by. Completely average, completely not worth paying attention to, but they walk by. They could have been famous from inventing the ‘next great thing’ but instead nobody knows their face from another, because the person walking never did complete their passion, and everyone just keeps going throughout their day, never realizing the potential in one another. That person could have been following their passion in their work, and they would have had been everything that is desirable in this earthly world, but instead of chasing their dreams- what they called a fantasy- that individual settled for the perfect life of mediocrity. That individual ended up desiring more from their day job, they ended up wondering what life would have been like if they had chosen a different path. That individual ended up regretting the path that they had chosen, a path of a career with no future happiness.
This is what happens to people who do not chase their passion. And unfortunately in America, the land of opportunity, this is eighty percent of the population (Dinsmore, 2012). This phenomenon is a disappointing one. America is supposed to be the place to go when a person wants a dream and desires it so badly that they have no other choice but to come here. Because here it is possible, in other places, passions are cut down and destroyed for the greater good of their society.
The real question is: why don’t people chase passions. Most people have a passion or dream, and then decide through one way or another not to follow that passion or dream. People don’t chase their dream career for a variety of reasons but people should chase it for a range of positive outcomes. A person should always be on the lookout for their dream job, and should try achieving every single passion towards their career that they can.
Positive Outcomes
A passion is a career that could last a life-time. It has the potential to keep the individual happy and occupied for most if not all of their life. It really is up to the individual though, there are many choices that could be followed but it really has to do with the individual.
A passion can have several different benefits if a person follows their own. Firstly it has the potential to have a greater job satisfaction, which implies that the individual will work more and harder and longer at their job, because they enjoy the work that they are doing more than if the individual was completing a job that the individual very much disliked.
Another benefit that is connected to doing your passion is that satisfaction with other parts of the individuals life will increase. Having a great job, leads to greater satisfaction with the family, and because of that the individual has a greater satisfaction with life. When a person is willing to be put on the line their job, everything else will seem to fall into place, when in reality, it could have been in place with the beginning. (Smith, 2012)
Another benefit...

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