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Some people have different roles that they play every day. The majority use certain roles as a daily bases and improve these roles to become powerful needed skills. By enhancing those skills, they turn those skills to professional roles that change the course of their lives. Since some of the people are full with passion, they have become great musicians as pianist. People say that pianists became successful because of their skills and talents. Others disagree and say that pianists became professional because of their passion for piano. A professional pianist, like Hieu Tri, is passionate about playing piano. Hieu has been playing piano since he was four years, and he still play it with ...view middle of the document...

Passion toward piano is moving the pianists forward every single time they play, which made them play more just to feel the ecstasy of the piano.
When a professional pianist has been playing with passion for too long, they will obtain alternative skills that could help them in their life. Most people have fears from too many things, such as giving a speech in front of big crowed, or they are too shy that can not talk or perform in front of others. When a professional pianist performs on the stage, all what he will be thinking about is how to play the piano he loves with his passion. Pianists are able to overcome their fears and gain the strength they lack. Firstly, once the person becomes well known as a pianist, he will be able to perform normally without stress. For example, When Hieu was in high school, he did not have the chance to play piano in front of the other students. However, his friend managed to make him play in front of the other students. Everyone in the school was amazed by his performance. As a result, everyone asked Hieu to play more because of his great playing. Secondly, whenever the musicians perform more of their amazing pianos, they will gain more courage in return. That can help them to not run away from their fears, pianists will be able to confront their fears and face it with courage. For instance, since Hieu was playing in front of everyone with passion, he became more courageous and capable to stand up for himself.
Lastly, whenever pianists play more with piano, they will have more confidence in their skills.
For example, because of Hieu was playing a lot with piano in front of...

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