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Fighting, anger, jealousy, bitterness, and everything but talking about emotions is passive aggression. Plenty of passive aggression is demonstrated in the movie The Break-Up. In this movie Vince Vaughn plays Gary and Jennifer Aniston plays Brooke. They have been in a relationship for two years and now they are on the verge of breaking up. They will not move out of the condo they own together until it is sold, so that means war. This movie is a great example of the non-communication, procrastinating, and chronic forgetfulness that plays into passive aggression. Passive aggression is a way to avoid issues and not confront them.
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It may also involve indirectly resisting requests from others by evading or creating confusion around the issue” (Andrea Harrn). Along with procrastination comes chronic forgetfulness.
Chronic forgetfulness is a way to show disrespect. In The Break-Up, Brooke and Gary both use chronic forgetting to show disrespect to one another. They “forget” when one another has something going on in the condo or they “forget” the other person is sleeping. They do these things on purpose to get under each other’s skin and try and prove a point. Chronic forgetting is another immature way to avoid talking to one another about how they feel and how they could make things better for both of them.
Passive aggression can come in many other forms like fear of competition, sulking, obstructing, chronic lateness, fear of intimacy, and victimization (Andrea Harrn). All these forms can cause insecurities in all parties involved and it can lead to a break-up like in the movie. While watching the movie I found myself laughing because what Brooke and Gary were doing to one another was so childish and pointless. They...

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