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Passwords And Viruses And Lost Pda’s Oh My

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One of the greatest problems that we experience in our daily lives that has been brought upon us by Information Technology (IT) are security problems, these include but are not limited to weak passwords, the same password for everything, viruses, and lost PDA’s. These problems are dangerous and put the business in a state of vulnerability where they are more liable to be hacked.
Having the same password for everything can endanger your computer and make it more liable to hacking because if a hacker finds out one password from a non-important site, he/she may try it on a number of other things, such as your credit cards or your checking account, as well as your business account. A survey done by Ponemon Research Institute and Juniper Networks shows that 32% of US companies have been hacked at least 2 to 3 times in the last year due to security problems. Also, 41% claimed that they lost at least half a million US dollars due to the hack attacks. 28% of those attacks happened offsite, probably where there was a hotspot, in which case they were most likely not on a https site or on a VPN. A hactivist group called the TeaMpoiSon posted 857 usernames and passwords from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Health Organization (WHO), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), UNICEF, and other assorted groups. This probably made the vulnerability factor of the business go down because they probably lost a lot of business information and it was highly probable that they lost a lot of money. In this event, some of the top 25 passwords included, 12345, letmein, 11111, abc123, password, 654321, and the employee’s name. This poses further threat to the affiliate because since the hacker knows one password, they are going to try it on their credit card and see if they can get some free things. If you have the same password for many sites, then you should make it stronger. You can and should make it stronger by increasing the word size to be at least 10 letters. You should also include a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, as well as symbols and numbers. You should not make it a dictionary word. Don't spell your passwords backwards or replace letters with special characters. For instance, if your password is password, don't change it to drowssap, which is password backwards, or even P@$$w0rd. Hackers always try a word frontwards and backwards, and then they try character substitutions. Your password should also not include a series of numbers or letters like 123, 654, or anything like that. In conclusion, passwords are important and should not be treated as a “stupid” thing that takes too much time to remember and type.
When you get a virus that makes you sick, you do a lot of things to get better. You might drink chicken broth, stay in bed, eat fruits & vegetables, and see a doctor. When you get a virus on your computer, you should do the same things. You should take it to an IT specialist who can direct you in...

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