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Past And Present Struggles Of Asian Americans

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One theme that I found to be very interesting is the struggles that Asian Americans have faced in the past and the present. I never knew about the struggles that have been happening in places like China and Laos. I never realized how many families come from poverty and violence. I have only learned very little about historical events such as Vietnam. I am only now becoming more aware about the human rights problem in China. I am so used to seeing places like Tokyo, Japan in movies and television. Everything seems so clean and the city is lit up with bright lights and amazing buildings at night. Before this course, I thought that most Asians live this kind of life. I never knew that these events had even occurred and I was amazed at some of the things Asians have had to go through over the years.
Another theme that was repeated quite a bit was when people try to guess another person’s personality. I remember many Asian interviewees wished that people would just ask what nationality they are as opposed to trying to guess. I can relate to this because I do not really look just one nationality. I do not believe people do this to try and be rude. Sometimes, people may not realize that what they are doing is offensive. Everyone has been guilty of this at some point in their lifetime. It was just good to be reminded that it is much nicer to ask a person their ethnicity as opposed to trying to guess.
The last theme was how different and similar many of the interviewees’ lifestyles were. Some tried to really retain and practice their parents’ culture. Others sort of went their own way and tried to live their own lifestyle. It was also interesting how different the social classes were that they originally came from. One thing that I picked up on was how large many of the families are. I am not sure if there is even an explanation for this. It just seemed like it was not uncommon at all to have up to 7 or 10 brothers and sisters. I know that in the past, families of many races used to have large families. That may have something to do with it.
I have learned from the presentations that many of the families that have settled in the southeastern region of Wisconsin are Hmong. I thought it was awesome how one of my classmates interviewed the gang member in Gran Torino. It was interesting to get his opinion on what he goes through and what it was like being in Gran Torino. I have seen the movie and think that it does a good job of showing the discrimination many Asians do face.
I believe that it is important to understand Asian Americans in south eastern Wisconsin because it helped me get a better understanding of Asians. I have learned about the struggles they have faced. I have learned about what many Asians have gone through to get to...

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