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As editor for Potentate Press (2000-2009), I negotiated with and persuaded authors regarding many issues. I persuaded authors to make changes for aesthetic or editorial reasons. I persuaded authors to accept design choices more in keeping with the press’ restricted budget. I persuaded authors to meet deadlines. I negotiated with authors regarding recompense for their work. I sought out authors and negotiated for the right to publish their work.

I negotiated with the publisher regarding direction of the press and the sorts of books we should publish. I negotiated with the publisher on budgetary matters.

I persuaded typesetters, proofreaders, and printers to meet deadlines.

I persuaded bookstores and distributors to carry our books. I persuaded reviewers to review our books, and professors to use our publications in their classes.

For Silenus Wines (1977-1998), I often used negotiation and persuasion in my job. Advising retail customers required a strong ability to persuade. It was my job to feature wines that we imported ourselves rather than wines from other distributors, where the profit margin would be smaller. Doing this required tact. My foremost goal was to satisfy the customer, but the preference would be to sell our product, not that of another distributor.

I persuaded management to accept the idea of no fault returns. Instead of having customers claim fault with a wine, I insisted that we take back wines that customers simply did not like. Customers clearly responded positively, knowing they were not stuck with purchases that proved not to their tastes.

I negotiated with wholesale management for products to be featured by the retail division. The best wines are often of limited production, causing much competition for what is available.

I negotiated with our warehouse management to ensure that deliveries were made on time.

I used persuasion and negotiation to satisfy unhappy customers. Sometimes the fault was ours, sometimes it wasn’t, but either way I proceeded with the goal making the experience of buying from us an...

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