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Past Regarets In Present Times Essay

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The coming of a Jews messiah to liberate the Jews community has being well known for multiple generations however, the coming of two messiahs at the same time to liberate the Jews, is a 20th century popular comic addition to Jews mythology. Detective Comics introduce two messiah; Batman and the Golem. By contrasting Batman's sense of present, humanity, and role as protector of the city with the Golem's parallel time link with Jacob, his creation purpose, and role to liberate Soul from his regrets, the comic The Golem of Gotham #631-632, portrays two messiahs; Batman being the human messiah and the Golem being the supernatural messiah. This is important because, it implies that an imperfect ...view middle of the document...

The death of Jacob in the hands of the Nazi and the presents of attacks collide. The collusion of the attacks and the death of Jacob make Soul lose his time of present.
While Soul lives in two colliding times it is clear that Batman has a well sense of present. Batman’s sense of presents is demonstrated by all of the high technology of in his office and his lack of mixing his mission with his personal feelings. Batman’s dialogue with Alfred reveal his casual worry about the dangers that the attacks provoke to the city. The panels are small with yellow background representing the familiarity of Batman’s investigations of crime. Unlike Soul that lives between the past and the present, Batman is not disturbed by his past. Batman’s sense of present gives him an advantage in his battles because he does not distract himself with past issues.
As well as Batman’s sense of present unlike the Golem, he has a clear understanding of what is his role when it comes to crime fighting. Batman ultimately goal is to protect all of the innocent citizens against presented danger. In contrast to Batman’s only goal, the role of the Golem just like Soul’s collusion of time has two purposes. The Golem was created by Soul to liberate himself from past mistakes and to save the Jew community from the attacks. Since Soul was not able to forget himself for betraying Jacob he believes that by creating a Golem he will undo his betrayal. In his dialogue, “I betrayed Jacob, gave him to the Nazis to save myself, to stop them hurting me. It’s happening again but this time I am fighting back…” Soul views the Golem as his way to fight and do things differently. The Golem having being a fighter and physically like Jacob represents what Soul hopes he had done. Jacob fought the Nazi by creating a resistance while Soul only tried a failed act to create a Golem. Soul did not fought back, he just hoped for a supernatural being to save his community. Unlike Jacob, he did not believed that a single human being like Batman could save a community. More than just a similar physical...

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