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I believe that to be globally engaged is to be constantly aware and apart of what is happening in the world. Global engagement is necessary to obtain communication between nations to try and prevent unnecessary events like wars from happening. In his book, Global Engagement, John Nolan writes that “…Cooperative engagement is the appropriate principle for security relations under the new international circumstances that have emerged. Cooperative engagement is a strategic principle that seeks to accomplish its purposes through institutionalized consent rather than through threats of material or physical coercion.” ( Nolan, 1994, p.4) Nolan is saying that apart of Global Engagement is creating an institution to organize people and problems to prevent catastrophes. Another definition of Global Engagement is to “…make contacts in other parts of the world, journey to those places and then develop relationships with the people they meet and work with there.” (Presler, 2010, p.17) Global engagement is to be interactive in the world especially by way of an organization.
Pat Robertson is an excellent example of an organization that is globally engaged starting with his leadership. Leadership is defined as “
central to the performance of organizations…” (Dewan, T., & Myatt, D.2008 p.351) CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network was started in the 1960’s through Pat Robertson’s leadership. The organization started small, with a television station that did not reach many people. Over the years CBN grew strong to what they are today, which is a Television station that proclaims the gospel in over 39 languages and 138 countries, with 360 million people. (Robertson, 2009) Pat Robertson has been the founder of several other organizations including Operation Blessing. (Diamond, 1989)
Operation Blessing International, OBI is a nonprofit organization started by Pat Robertson to bring relief to people in need. Today it is one of the largest American based Charities which provides relief in over 23 countries. OBI shows Robertson’s concern with Environment, Poverty, Hunger, Health, and Natural Disasters, as OBI tries to combat all of these. (Kaye Tsika, B., 2010) Along with Operation Blessing, Pat Robertson has been the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the American Center for Law and Justice, the Christian Coalition, and the International Family Entertainment Inc. (ABC Family Channel) (Robertson & Buckingham, 1972)
Robertson heavily impacts the globe through his news station, CBN. Through CBN, and his show, the 700 club,news is reported from across the globe, raising awareness to a number of global issues including, drug and human trafficking, gay rights, abortion, poverty and more. Robertson himself hosts the 700 club, which shows his dedication to what he has created as he is 83 years old. CBN has also spread the news of the gospel, which has encouraged people to get out of poverty and move forward in their lives. (Review of African...

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