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Stopped at an intersection, the light stands at a bright red while you sit their waiting for the light to change; you impatiently grind your tightly squeezed hands on the steering wheel. Your hands start to sweat, and your heart begins to beat fast. As you mischievously look over your shoulder to the car in the next lane, you see him look over with a smirk grin look on his face. Suddenly, the light shines a golden green, and you punch your gas pedal to the floor with your heavy foot, as your wheels spin from underneath you, ready to launch you off like a rocket ship! Sounds pretty intense, doesn’t it? Many teenagers have this same adventure everyday, not knowing what the outcome could be like if something went wrong. Speeding and street racing can be very dangerous to you and others around you. I've experienced many times with family and friends what speeding can cause and it’s never a good outcome.
It was the 4th of July, and I was out celebrating Independence Day with my family and my friends. It was like any other 4th of July night; we would all have a nice cookout with my family and invite all my friends, and after we would all head out to the bridge and watch as the fireworks would go off, except this 4th of July would change my life.
As we headed out to go watch the fireworks, a couple of my friends piled up in my car, because no of them wanted to waste their gas and plus I was the designated driver for that night. After the fireworks were over, all of my friends decided to head to the nearest party and celebrate, which to say was not a good idea. I should have just called it a night at that moment and gone home. The only reason I went was because I didn’t want any of my friends driving home drunk, which would end up leading to a worst case scenario.
It was 10:55, by the time we started heading out. I remember...

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