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Path Through Food Essay

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Never did I imagine myself at SMSU majoring in Culinology, but now that I’m here I can’t imagine a more perfect place to be. So when did my interest in food start? Well, it most likely first began when I began when I was around the age of 5, when I had just entered kindergarten.
As a child my family was quite poor, we lived in a small apartment where my bedroom consisted of a mattress in the corner of our “living room”. The majority of our meals were microwavable or from fast food joints, which to me was normal since I’d never experienced anything else. However, my perception changed when I visited my grandparents’ house, my grandma had made a homemade meal (I don’t remember what it was) which looked amazing and tasted even better. I was shocked at how different it was from what I usually ate, and was probably thinking “what have I been eating all this time?!). From then on I despised those foods from microwaves and fast food joints, because at that point it no longer seemed like “real” food to me, although, I still ate it anyway since that was all we could really afford or had time for. It was only after my mom had earned enough money that we moved, it was in a different town a small town, but we had a house an actual house with my own room (I actually got a real bed to!!) and a backyard. Our meals also began to change, subtly at first but as time went on most of our meals were homemade.
During my younger years of elementary school I was able to take my first cooking class which was taught at the high school. It was at this time that I started making/experimenting with my own food, I remember it so well, the very first things I made on my own was a cooked egg and a grilled cheese sandwich (I’m just going to pretend that all of you are amazed beyond belief at what I just accomplished). After that I’d always make those two things and excitingly show my mom what I had created, but as I grew tired of the same thing I began to experiment a little by: using different seasonings, cooking it differently, mixing cheeses adding meats, some turned out while others not so much (some combinations should never exist). I then started making cookies and cakes with my EZ Bake Oven (I bet you owned one to) though, I quickly stopped using it as I was getting tired of undercooked chocolaty puddles (light bulbs are not a very good source of heat). Later, I started making various kinds of pancakes, muffins, cookies and breads noticing that I had a knack for baking unlike my cooking skills which usually ended up with something burning (if possible I’d probably have burned water). However, I never gave up since some of talents were being extremely patient, creative and a perfectionist. So even if they didn’t turn out, I’d keep practicing with small batches improving each time until I got what I wanted. While not as confident with my cooking skills I wasn’t afraid to experiment, especially when I was baking which if it didn’t turn out the way I’d want I’d just...

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