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"Get down here right this minute Roy!" screamed my mum. What a beautiful way to start a Saturday morning! I crawled out of bed lazily and started making my way downstairs. What could be the cause of her anger now? Had the report card arrived? I wondered. The moment I stepped into the living room, the answer was clear. My mum stood facing me, with a small, brown book in one hand and a half-torn brown envelope in the other. So it had finally arrived. My nightmare was about to begin. I could feel it in the air. The moment I had been thinking about and imagining over and over again in the past few days had finally come."What does this mean?" my mum said angrily, throwing the book onto the table. Red marks all over the page, the cause of her anger. I had failed my mid-term exams. Well, it was not a surprise to me actually, considering the number of hours and effort I put into studies and the fact that this was not the first time the similar situation had occurred."What's with all the red marks? I thought you were supposed to be showing some improvement in studies. Look," she said, while pointing to the scores of each subject, "you have failed in all subjects!""All except physical education!" I corrected her. She never seemed to notice that. It's, by far, my favourite subject and never have I failed it. We were supposed to choose a sport of our choice for physical education and I chose soccer. I loved soccer since I was a child and have been playing it for years now. I always gave a hundred percent whenever I play, whether it's just a friendly match or a competitive one. It's the only one area where I feel I have an advantage over the others. But no one at home cared about that at all, no matter how good I maybe. All they cared about was studies, which I didn't really pay attention to. I was never up to the mark since my early years and I've quit on improving my grades. For me, it's all soccer.I always felt that, someday, my parents will accept me for who I really am, and that grades aren't the most important thing in school life. All that I didn't know was that the time would come so early. Soccer was the only thing that could help me. My friends always told me that I was kind of talented in this field and that I could easily adapt to almost any positions and style of play. The following Monday morning, I woke up and got ready to go to school as any other Mondays, not knowing that a few hours later, I would be on the path to my parent's acceptance.During lunch time, I was approached by a stranger. He looked to around to be around twenty, was dressed in a white shirt and grey pants. Definitely not a student in this school, I thought. "Roy Evans right?" He asked me. Wow, who's this guy?Steven, a good friend of mine, appeared from behind the guy just seconds after he directed a question to me. "Hey Roy, this is Kev." Steven said, turning to the guy in grey pants. "He's a friend of my brother. The other night he came over to my place to have a chat with...

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