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Paths Leading To Two Separate Worlds

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Every child grows up in a distinct household. The way the child is raised depends on morals, the environment, and most importantly, their socioeconomic status. Today, students living in low-income homes, attending high poverty schools are two years behind students living in similar situations, but are able to attend more prosperous schools. This education gap continues to widen as the years progress and eventually determine the fate of the individual’s future. Wes Moore, the author of The Other Wes Moore, is able to express these grueling truths, by telling the personal stories of his childhood, as well as the stories of the man that goes by his same name.
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After discovering this crucial style device, the reader will finally start to be able to tell the two stories apart, and may have to reread the first few chapters just to clarify them. This is how the reader is able to keep both characters’ lives separate, due to the fact that the stories are interlocked and are told one after another.
The reader learns that both Wes Moores’ grew up in similar households, in similar areas, and had both gotten in trouble with the law when they were younger. The main differences however, was that the author, Wes Moore, was able to leave the environment that he grew up in and attend Valley Forge Military College. These years in the military school provided Moore with the structure and support he needed to flourish. The ‘other’ Wes Moore, however never received a proper education at a young age and was also was mixed in with the wrong crowd. He was not set up for success, and therefore did not achieve it.
Towards the middle of the novel, it is revealed that the ‘other’ Wes Moore did not believe he was guilty. He expressed to the author, Wes Moore, “I wasn’t even there that day.” (125). This is just one of the twists to the novel and the reader immediately feels a sense of curiosity as well as confusion.
The Other Wes Moore is a very captivating book. Once the book is opened it is hard to put down. It surprises the reader, as well as makes them relate and compare their lives to the characters’. It is a book that should be read throughout high school, because it teaches the lesson that one wrong turn, could lead you down a path to no return. It also shows that every mistake made will eventually catch up with the person; even if they are not punished for it now, they will be later on in their lifetime. This is an important book to read during high school, due to the fact that teens are exploring their lives and still growing up. They push the limits and do not think about the consequences, as well as the effects it will have on others.
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