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The Immense Gap In Health Care By Global Heath Pathway

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I have chosen the Global Health Pathway to further analyze the essential theme from a practical point of view and to recognize vital connections and relations with the coursework I have taken at Santa Clara University. The fundamental theme of the pathway emphasizes on the universal enhancement of public health, lowering inequalities, and prevention of chronic diseases. The overarching connection between the Global Health Pathway theme and the coursework I have taken is fundamentally providing global awareness of public health issues from a socioeconomic, environmental, and biological perspective to the general public. Courses such as Public Health Science 1: Human Health and Disease and Biology 179: Cancer Biology can illustrate a vital connection with the pathway theme. For example, Public Health Science 1: Human Health and Disease course focuses on the improvement of avoiding preventable diseases by designing specific interventions to target certain chronic diseases that are impacting a specific population. The course relates to the Global Health Pathway theme by highlighting multiple public health issues from a socioeconomic viewpoint and environmental perspective by providing awareness to the general population and finding solutions to prevent public health issues. In addition, the Biology 179: Cancer Biology course concentrated on the molecular perspective behind cancer and the processes in acquiring the disease. The course emerges with the Global Health Pathway theme by learning preventable processes to combat cancer and providing awareness to individuals from a biological perspective to prevent one in developing the disease. Both courses introduce a phenomenon of providing awareness of a certain public health issue to the general public from different viewpoints. The act of spreading awareness about human health care to the general population can substantially prevent illness around the world.
A crucial issue that relates to the Global Health Pathway is the immense gap in the quality and the accessibility of health care in developing countries opposed to developed countries. Regardless of our knowledge of the causative factors contributing in chronic diseases, there is still an existence of the health care inequality among the rich and the poor. Particularly the socioeconomic status of an individual contributes to the inequality of health care and courses such as Public Health Science 1: Human Health and Disease and Anthropology 137: Evolutionary Medicine can both illustrate two different disciplinary perspectives in addressing the issue. The Public Health Science 1: Human Health and Disease course addresses the issue in a disciplinary approach by stressing on the social inequalities and the health disparities individuals encounter daily around the world. One of the main assignments in the course was to...

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