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Patient Bills Still “Unfriendly” Essay

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Patient Bills Still "Unfriendly"


The article talks about medical bill confusion among patients and what hospitals are doing to fix that confusion. According to the article, only 5.30% of hospitals answered "yes" to the survey, when asked if their patients fully understand their bills at discharge. It indicates that the vast majority of patients still don't clearly understand when they examine their bill statements. Based on Receivables Report, "Patients seem to be confused when they have multiple ...view middle of the document...


After reading the article, I think Patient Friendly Billing Project is a good initiative to make bills more accurate and comprehensible. This strategy will increase patient satisfaction because it contains the following main criteria: send bills after insurance has paid, consolidate billing across as many providers as possible, and use written terminology that is readily understood by consumers. Implementing these main standards will make bill payment process by health care consumers faster and a health care environment safer. Redesigning patient bills by adding

easy-to-read information will definitely help patients to understand their bill. Unfortunately, there are still many health care providers that are not concerned about the fact that their patients don't understand their bills, because hospitals don't want to pay a greater fee per statement sent. It is important for managers to make sure, when patients receive their bills, the information is written in easily understandable form to speed up payment process and make health care service more efficient.


Petaschnick, J. (2010, February/March). Patient Bills Still "Unfriendly."

The Receivables Report. Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 7-8.

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